About Us – Crtlabs

Welcome to Crtlabs, a place designed for poker enthusiasts who want to navigate the complexities of the game with ease and confidence. Launched in 2024, our platform is a beacon for players of all levels, driven by a simple but profound idea: to improve poker knowledge by making it accessible, understandable and applicable to all.

The creation of Crtlabs was not a simple coincidence, it was a deliberate effort driven by a collective interest in poker and an awareness of the challenges along the way. Our founders, seasoned poker professionals, have been through the highs and lows of this fascinating game. They have bluffed and been bluffed, folded and went all-in when the stakes were high. It is this wealth of experience that they have chosen to share.

What We Offer

At the heart of Crtlabs is a diverse, yet one-size-fits-all offering, to improve your poker knowledge and skills. Our extensive library of articles and guides will become your personal encyclopedia on all things poker. From the fundamentals to the intricacies of advanced strategy, we ensure that knowledge will not be a barrier to your success at the table. Poker’s unique jargon can be perplexing to the uninitiated. At Crtlabs, we eliminate confusing poker slang by offering clear and concise explanations that bridge the gap between confusion and clarity.

Why Crtlabs Stands Out From the Rest

The foundation of Crtlabs is built on a foundation of real-world poker experience. Our team is not just passionate about poker, they have lived it, learned from it, and are committed to passing that knowledge on to you. Our goal is not just the game, but the people who play it. We strive to create a space where every player, regardless of skill level, can grow, learn and ultimately thrive.

Crtlabs is not just a platform, it’s a community. We are a collective of enthusiasts, experts, beginners and veterans united by a love of poker. Here you will find support, new knowledge and interesting facts about poker.